with Tibor Szemzo in Budapest

with David Lang and Paolo Ravaglia, Rome

with Giulia Peri and Beat Furrer at the Austrian Forum, Rome

with Alvin Lucier, Rome

with Peter Eotvos at the Japanese Institute, Rome

with Sofjia Gubajdulina, Lucia Bova, Francesco Gesualdi and Luca Sanzò

rehearsal of Garten von Freuden und Traurigkeiten with Sofjia Gubajdulina

with Tom Johnson at his house in Paris

with Ricardas Kabelis blessed by an aural light

with Mary Jane Leach in Rome

with Gyorgy Kurtag in Budapest

with Rytis Mazulis and Juste Janulyte in Vilnius

with Toshio Hosokawa in Sapporo, Japan

with Terry Riley in Turin

with Steve Reich and PMCE in Ravenna

with Arvo Part and Oscar Pizzo in Rome. Photos by Roberto Masotti

with Laszlo Sary in Budapest

with Kaija Saariaho in Lulea, Sweden

with Salvatore Sciarrino in Rome and Lyon

with Matthew Shlomowitz and Laurence Crane in London

with Stefano Scodanibbio for the first performance of Voyage Resumed in Rome

with Howard Skempton in London

with Peter Ablinger, Emanuele Torquati and Beat Furrer

with Phoebe Neville and Philip Corner at Scelsi's house in Rome

with Rytis Mazulis in Vilnius

with Howard Skempton and Francesco Dillon in London

with Philip Jeck, Bernhard Lang and Alter Ego in Gent

with Jacob TV and PMCE at Maxxi, Rome

with Frederic Rzewski, Alvin Curran, Frankie HI NRG and Alter Ego. Photo by Roberto Masotti

with Philip Glass and Alter Ego. Photo by Elisabetta Catalano

with Gavin Bryars, Philip Jeck and Alter Ego in Venice

with Matthew Shlomowitz, Mark Knoop and Jeremy Hunt

with Lei Liang and Richard Thrytall, American Academy Rome

with Jonathan Harvey

masterclass in Moscow, 2011

with Kirill Shirokov, Moscow 2011

with William Basinski (in the middle) and the Alter Ego's in Venice

with Geir Janssen aka Biosphere and Gianluca Ruggeri in Rome

with Alvin Lucier and the Alter Ego's in Venice after a concert at the Biennale

with Stefano Scodanibbio (in the middle), the Matmos and Alter Ego in Rome

with Philip Corner in Milan

with Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) in Milan

with James Saunders in Florence

with Alvin Curran playig the shofar in Rome

with Claude Lenners and Fabrizio Casti in Cagliari

with Maurizio Pisati and Federico Mondelci

with ensemble 0 in Carcassonne 

Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. John Duncan

in Druskininkai with Egidija Medeksaite, Rytis Mazulis and his daughter

photo by Anton Lukoszevieze

in Sweden with Alter Ego

with Francesco Dillon and Emanuele Torquati in London

with David Moss and Paolo Ravaglia

with Mary Jane Leach in Rome

with James Dashow in Rome

with Simone Beneventi in Budrio

with FL Lithuanian Orchestra in Vilnius

in Padova with (left to right) Giulio Francesconi, Claudio Montafia, Daniele Ruggieri after a performance of Il Cerchio tagliato dei suoni by Salvatore Sciarrino

with Gavin Bryars (at doublebass) with great friends/musicians for the Sinking of the Titanic at the Scompiglio (Lucca)

1984 at Città di Castello summer courses with Fausto Sebastiani

with Frederic Rzewski, Alter Ego and Ars Ludi performing Coming Together by Rzewski

with Pan Sonic and Alter Ego in Wroclaw (Poland)

Spazio a cinque by Franco Evangelisti with Alter Ego in Rome

Alter Ego in Sweden in a caravaggean style

David Moss and Alter Ego performing Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire in Berne

In Florence with (right to left) Francesco Gesualdi, Giancarlo Cardini and Laurence Crane

Two pics from the Ravenna Festival 2019 with Antonio Caggiano and the

fantastic guys from the Chigiana Percussion Ensemble (Kathinkas Gesang

by Stockhausen and Drumming by Steve Reich)

with Vladimir Tarnopolski

big jumps in Moscow

with Kevin Volans

7 FLUTES by Kevin Volans, Auditorium Rome 2019

with Simon Holt, Francesco Gesuladi and Mark Knoop, Firenze GAMO 2019 

with Salvatore Sciarrino, early 90ties

with Lucia Ronchetti, Rome 1995

Left to Right: Stefano Cardi, Francesco Pennisi, Guido Guida, Susanna Rigacci,

Luisa Castellani and myself. In occasion of the first performance of L'Esequie della

Luna by Francesco Pennisi at Orestiadi di Gibellina, 1990

with Ilpo Vaisanen (Pan Sonic) and Paolo in Milan

with Paolo and Matthew Shlomowitz in Florence

 with Emanuele Torquati, Francesco Dillon and Mario Pagliarani (left to right) wearing Gabriel  Faure's mustaches after the concert at La Via Lattea in Trevano, Switzerland

 with Billy Basinski trying the glasses at Venice Biennale

 with Terry Riley in Turin

with Alvin Lucier in Dundalk, Ireland